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How To Start A Beauty Brand

Iyesis Gordon, the CEO of Curly Temple, teaches entrepreneurs everything they need to know before they start a new brand on the open market.

The book is a no-nonsense straight forward business manual. With this book as your guide, you can launch your beauty brand on a solid foundation!

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    Iyesis Gordon

    Author of:

    How To Start A Beauty Brand

    Meet Iyesis G.

    When I launched my brand, Curly Temple, I had absolutely no guidance on how to build a haircare line. As a result I made TONS of mistakes!

    I wrote a book and built a course to spill the tea on the secret world of the beauty industry.

    I plan to help inspiring entrepreneurs launch and grow their online beauty products on a solid foundation so you can gain consistent revenue allowing you to live a life of financial freedom.

    The complete book will provided you with:

    • Prepare your mind for entrepreneurship
    • Prepare your finances for a growing brand
    • How Set-up Business Foundation
    • How to build your social media
    • How to start an email list
    • And curate a winning brand story